Thursday, January 28, 2021

Vintage Danish Cabinet makeover

Good morning, well the kids are back to
school today. Sasha Year 12 and Jonty year 10.  Good luck if you have a little one starting school this year.  I’ll be glad to get back into a prosper routine as far as work goes as it’s been quite sporadic this least 6 weeks. I did paint this lovely piece from Europe last week. 

Such a pretty piece. I painted the interior in a low sheen water based enamel in a sea foam and the exterior in a satin enamel in a pale grey. 

The door was solid when I bought it but the panel had three big splits in it so I removed the panel and replaced with wire.


Handy top drawer also, both door and drawer lockable with original key.

Here’s the before photo.

Today I’m finishing a sweet little vintage bookcase and starting to paint a drinks cabinet. Lots of pieces here to work on :)

Have a great day
Fiona xx


  1. I like the color combo. I would put glass in, not the wire tho. Cute for storage or display.

    1. Yes glass would be lovely also but more expensive for me and would take longer and I wanted a quick turn around on this piece.
      Hope you are going well.
      Fiona xx


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