Saturday, February 12, 2011

A bit overexcited on eBay....

I've gone a little crazy on eBay buying vintage furniture to paint and refurbish. Two fabulous deals that have resulted in a panicked husband as he wonders where we will put it all while I work on it.

I bought this dresser from a lovely girl about 5 mins from my house who had never sold on eBay before. She sold it using the Classified Ads but I think if she'd sold it via an auction it would have achieved a much higher price. She also threw in a cute antique ladder which I'll also sell.

Her great aunt gave it to her but she's living in a small apartment and has no room for it. I've pulled it all apart and started sanding it down and it's really in need of some TLC. The hardware is very rusted and I don't think the wood has ever been oiled. I'm not going to paint this, just oil/beeswax as the wood detail is very beautiful. I'll list it back on eBay as soon as it's finished.

And then for $105 I got all this lot - an absolute bargain!! Ugly colour but beautiful lines. I'll be painting the bases of these and staining the tops dark walnut (like all my inspirational bloggers do - such as Miss Mustard Seed, Centsational Girl etc.). I still have to pick this lot up yet - will get them some time this coming week.

and close ups:

Beautiful Sideboard
Extendable Round table

Cabriole leg coffee table
and two nested coffee tables
Come back soon and see how they turned out!
Fiona xx


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