Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finished my second chair

I love finding or buying an old unloved vintage chair for next to nothing and transforming it into something with a little french flair - all it takes is drop sheet, paint, a staple gun and some patience!

Here it is ready for sale:

I have finally finished the second chair that I bought a few weeks ago from the markets for $20.  I ended up doing it in the same design as the little french chair I did for my friend's daughter's birthday.  I ended up doing a lot of work on this chair as I stripped back the old paint as it was very yellow and showed through the "Limed White" paint I used when I distressed the edges.  There were also a lot of rusty old tacks holding in the material which were hard to remove but I eventually got rid of the all. 

I used a canvas drop sheet for the material and handpainted the stripes and fleur de lys.

I'll be selling this on eBay.


during :

and after:

Fiona xx



  2. thanks Lauren, the material is a canvas drop sheet and i just painted it using painter's tape for the stripes and a fleur de lys stensil i made myself. I just used artist's acrylic paint with Fabric Fixative mixed in and then ironed it when it was dry.

  3. The chair is absolutely gorgeous!

    I have nominated you for the stylish blogger award so feel free to hop on over and get your stylish blogger sidebar button!


  4. Your chair turned out wonderful, and I love the red graphic work on it!

  5. You really did a professionals looking job on these! Welcome of Blogland. I'm happy to be a friend and follower!

  6. I love the white and red, really fresh and crisp. Great job!

  7. What a beautiful transformation! Love that you picked the french grainy sack look which is so popular right now. Fabulous work there!

  8. You smart lady!
    This gave me an idea for a stubborn (the nailhead trim won't come off-so I am sewing a tie-on slipcover for it- I'll show it who's boss!) Hickory chair I found at Goodwill for $5.
    I have been looking all over the place for some red-striped linen for a slip cover.
    PAINT! Tape?
    Genius, I tell you---why didn't I think of that!?
    So very nice to meet you!
    I also sell on eBay--linens! LOL!
    I pray you make lots of $ on your chair!!
    HUG from South Carolina, USA!
    P.S. many blessings to you as you make your home!

  9. thanks everyong for your lovely comments and warm thoughts. I really can't take any credit for the painted material idea. I copied it straight from Miss Mustard Seed (credit given in my first post). She really is the queen of furniture revivial! checkout her blog if you havent seen it yet. http://missmustardseed.blogspot.com//
    Thank you so much for becoming followers. I hope to keep you a little entertained!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    cheers Fiona

  10. What a great chair- it is beautiful- I love the red stripe and pretty details- so inspired and beautiful! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  11. I like the simple design, yet it has a lot of impact. Blessings, Kim

  12. OOoooohhhhh!!!!

    This is wonderful!!!!

    Classic...it will never go out of style!!!

    What an amazing find/re-do!!!

    Hugs, Lana


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