Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Business Card and Price Tag

Friday was an exciting day. I was asked for my business card twice.... but of course I didn't have one.  But I do now, and I'd love your opinion.

A friend wanted to show me a lovely French homewares shop in Hunters Hill so after school drop off we headed over there. A quick coffee first then walked into heaven! The shop is full of divine furniture and homewares - Shades of Pale ( and we got chatting to the manager and I showed her some photos on my iPhone of the chairs I've been reupholstering. She loved them and asked for my card. I didn't have one (even my business consultancy is run on word of mouth and networking and I've never got around to making a card) so there I am scribbling down my details on a scrap of paper. But it worked fine as she's since rung and is buying the swing back fleur de lys chair for her son. 

The shop manager also introduced me to a stylist from Home Beautiful magazine who also liked my photos and blog (all on the iPhone that was running out of battery!) and also asked for my card - once again more scribble on the back of the shop's business card.

So I got home and thought best I'd make a card that I can also use as a price tag for my pieces.

I've printed it on cream cardstock and for the tags I'll punch a hole in the centre and use twine.

What do you think?

Fiona xx


  1. I love it! Simple and elegant. It would definitely catch my eye!

  2. thanks Alena - I've printed them up and have started using them - I think it reflects my style so that's good!

  3. Love how you used your fleur de lis on your card. Looks great! Newest follower.

  4. How fun is that?! I never win anything! Thank you so much - I'm really excited! rachhowell at msn dot com.

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