Sunday, April 10, 2011

Holy Cow!

Vegetarians look away now....

A few weeks ago an old man across the road was filling a skip with a lot of rubbish intermingled with a couple of unwanted treasures. One of the things he let me rescue was this cabinet.

It's an old record cupboard I think. I remember my Grandad having one and you'd slide out the records onto the bottom platform to choose one.

I spent ages looking for some cowhide to replace that disgusting bit of dirty carpet in the above photo. I actually found some locally. I was walking past a garage and saw a groovy old dude doing upholstery and asked him if he had any spare. he'd actually just finished a set of cowhide bar stools so gave me a great piece for $20. It normally sells for over $150 per square metre.

I painted the cabinet in black gloss paint. I swear never again. What a beast to work with. The back edge of the top was badly warped so I used a strip of wood from the pull down door to cover it.  I felt a bit sad covering up the silky oak but it just didn't go with the cowhide and the top was really wrecked so something needed doing.  Anyway as I've saved this from the rubbish so I felt that I could do what I wanted with it.

Fiona xx


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