Saturday, April 2, 2011

Modern Drab to French Fab

Drinks anyone?

I bought this little drinks cabinet cabinet from the furniture auction I go to every second Monday (at the end of my street).  A bit modern and bland for my taste and I don't think I'll buy this smooth modern wood furniture again as it's way too modern for my taste and needs a lot of sanding to make the paint stick - even with primer.

I've painted it white (Porters Paint, pure white) and done a little fleur de lis feature painting on the doors (in Dulux Limed White). I still need to lightly distress it. I really like how the hardware stands out now.

I'm be selling this. I actually think this would be beautiful in a bathroom - great storage for towels, makeup and other bathroom stuff.

Before distressing:

I love the before distressing look but I think it will stand up better after distressing as if any paint lifts it won't be noticeable - althhough as I sanded and primed it shouldnt happen but just in case.

And all finished:

and before:
(Gosh, I hate this orange/honey wood colour)

This is off to Wagga Wagga to a lovely couple who have just bought their own house




  1. Stunning! It looks so majestic and classy now. You've done an amazing job. :)

  2. Great makeover Fiona! I prefer the pre-distressed look but TOTALLY get what you're saying about practicality :o) It looks amazing either way and has inspired me for sure!!

  3. that is so soft and pretty- from country and maply ick, to lovely!

  4. Amazing job, I love shabby, it looks absolutely beautiful:-)
    Have a wonderful day, hugs Biljana

  5. It is a fun piece! I like what you did with it!

  6. What a difference...I wouldn't have bought the original piece but I would definitely have purchased the finished pieces...beautiful!


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