Friday, April 22, 2011

Little French Writing Desk and a Good Friday feast

My favourite quote from these school holidays has to be:
Me, driving in the car back from the Southern Highlands, with the 2 kids who'd been very well behaved that morning: "You two are just the best kids in the world"

A little voice (my 5 year old son) piped up from the back seat: "Well... that's not what you said yesterday, Mummy!"

He really makes me laugh.

Today my sisters-in-law and a friend came for lunch. My husband grew up Catholic and so never eats meat on Good Friday so we prepared a huge seafood lunch. An entree of scallops cooked in garlic and butter, followed by a stuffed baked fish (Bream), salt and pepper calamari, a rocket, pear and walnut salad and homemade baked chips.  Some champange and sauvignon blanc and lovely company. It sure was a Good Friday.

On the furniture front, my Damask dresser sold this week as well as a couple of other bits from my antiques stall so I had to finish some more furniture. 

Here's a little lovely french style desk I've restored.  I painted the gorgeous cabriole legs and base in Dulux Fair Bianca Half. I then stripped and restored the top with a dark walnut stain and then estapol. It has come up beautifully - really gleaming.

I was very happy to find this desk as I did one previously with a painted harlequin top and I really like this style. The guy selling it on eBay actually manages a storage place nearby.  The owners of the desk didn't want it anymore (some people!!) so he was selling it. He said he'd call me if any more lovely stuff was unwanted.  A good contact to have!

And the before photo below.  It was actually a dressing table but I'm selling the mirror and the desk seperately as I think they will sell better that way.

Happy Easter everyone!

Fiona xx


  1. Hi Fiona! That is beautiful as well! Lucky to have grabbed that one! I love the fact that you kept the top natural wood! Beautiful! Thanks for your kind comments! Happy Easter! Kellie


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