Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bedside Tables

This post is all about bedside tables: two that I'm selling and two that I'm keeping!

The first one is the one I bought at the Salvos with my friend last week. I adore the shape of this with it's squat little legs and drop down door. So cute. I have nothing in my stall at the moment with a damask so i thought this was a good candidate. I love it. 

This little chest of two drawers below is really sweet but was quite battered and was crying out for restoration. I really love the shape of this piece also, the little carved details and also how deep the two drawers are. It would make a lovely bedside table. 

Before: (after sanding as I nearly forgot to take photos)


Are you getting sick of seeing the same bunch of fake purple flowers in all my staged makeovers? Perhaps I should splash out for more! LOL.

... and these two lovelies that were made in the US are staying with me. They'll be painted soon (of course) but I'm so happy to have matching bedside tables finally. They are quite large and will provide great storage. I bought them on eBay this week from an American guy who has been working in Australia for a couple of years and is now heading back to New York but didn't want to move these back with him. I see furniture like this on all the American gals' blogs but it's hard to come by stuff of this shape here in Australia so I was so happy to get these.

Thanks for all your kind messages. We're waiting to hear from the surgeon about bringing forward mum's hip replacement and my daughter is nearly over her flu.  It's so chilly here so she's all rugged up and spending the day with me.

I'm not really a matchy-matchy person but I think it'll be nice with the bedside tables matching. What do you have by your bedsides? The same on each side or different?

Fiona xx


  1. great tables they are very cute..

  2. The tables are so stinkin cute! Great job!! I need new nightstands, I'm on the lookout!


  3. Fiona your so right its very hard to come across anything like in your last photo of the matching bedsides in Australia. I recently saw a chest of drawers very similiar and they were over $3000 so they are a great find. I have the almost exact bedside in picture one too and just sold them this week. Glad your daughter is feeling better. We have sunshine here today but the fire will be going tonight. Sandy x

  4. Same same for me. I'm a bit matchy-matchy... Haven't grown out of it yet...

  5. Coming over from Brag Monday! I just love the nightstand with the damask pattern. So very pretty! New follower!



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