Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Being married to a project manager (dinner at Vini, Surry Hills)

On Saturday night we went out with a group of friends from my husband's work on Saturday night to Vini in Surry Hills. Dinner was to start at 7:30pm and my husband didn't want to be late as he had organised it.

However, in afternoon my little girl danced in a flamenco concert way out at Blacktown (a long drive from home) so my friend and I took our girls and went together in her car. My husband and son stayed at home to play monopoly and handball.

The traffic was hideous both there and back and we compounded the travel time home by dropping in to a "40% friends and family sale" at the Adidas Outlet store at Lidcombe.  There were enormous crowds and lining up for the cash register took about 40 minutes.  We grabbed some great bargains but what was meant to be a quick stop over on the way home actually turned into a hour plus stop.  

So we didn't get home till 6:20pm and our babysitter was due at 6:45pm. On the way home my friend was saying "Fiona, just blame me so Phil's not cross that we've taken so long".  I even bought him a new running top to sweeten the deal.

But I shouldn't have been worried about not getting ready in time because I am lucky to be married to a very good Project Manager.   I walked in the front door to find:
  • the house clean and tidy
  • my son already fed and in his pyjamas
  • dinner ready on the table for my daughter
  • a chocolate cake baked for our babysitter
  • the taxi booked for 7pm
  • and my outfit all selected for me and laid out on the bed!  (a black Lisa Ho dress, silver jacket, shoes and even my underwear!)
What an amazing husband

Dinner at Vini in Surry Hills was divine. Beautiful Italian food, several bottles of prosecco and wine, fun company and a lot of laughs.

Rotolo of lamb
Our menu for the evening was: (we actually were served all these items, not just to chose one for each course. I was so full after!)

Olives & Grissini
Prosciutto di San Daniele
Buffalo mozzarella brussel sprouts walnuts
Kingfish carpaccio fennel olive
Rotolo of braised lamb roast pumpkin rosemary
Slow roast sirloin
Pan fried silver dory with beans
Salads - Broccoli and Ricotta /Baby Spinach Rocket and Parmesan
Ricotta pannacotta with espresso caramel
Chocolate tart with mascarpone
Now I need to put all that new Adidas gym gear to use to burn off some of those calories!
Leave a comment telling me about the restaurant you've been to most recently and if it was good.

Fiona xx


  1. Hoe divine your true love sounds. It makes the evening so much nicer when you haven't had to rush, rush, rush. Glad you had fun. That food looks amazing...

  2. Sorry - 'How' is the first word. oops!!

  3. Hi Fiona
    Sounds like you had a great night (and a great husband!!).
    We recently went to Flying Fish in Pyrmont with some friends. The food, service and company were all great! Marita x

  4. Glad you had a wonderful night. Enjoyed your post very much, so sweet of your husband to organize everything so that you didn't have to rush. Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  5. What a prince, the whole evening sounds perfect!


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