Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A morning of fabric - a chair and bunting

Today I finished off another child sized French armchair and also made some bunting for my space at Balmain Road Antiques Centre.

The bunting is made from drop sheet canvas as well as some lovely printed material that I bought 25 years ago. I loved it but never found a use for it. I cut the material up using pinking shears so it doesn't fray and then glued the triangles together leaving a gap at the top to put the sewing tape in and then using my sewing machine I zigzag stiched the triangles on to the tape. All very easy.

And here it is all in my booth.

I am loving having a booth to make pretty!



  1. It beautiful and so are your treasures all together hope you sell lots

  2. what an awesome booth...would love to shop there!

  3. You have so many lovely things in your booth. Love the armchair :) Thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays to share this.

  4. Hi! Looks like we love very similar things by the looks of our blogs. LOL
    This chair is adorable! I'm hoping to have a booth by the end of summer. I love yours! Glad to found you on Miss Mustard seed!


  5. Oh I so adore the union jack dresser. Could spend hours on your blog . Love it :)


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