Tuesday, June 21, 2011

still here.....

hi lovely readers, sorry I've been slack but I'm still here - I had a birthday last week (gorgeous day, so spoiled by friends and family), a busy family weekend and then I've been struggling with a few pieces of furniture that I'm slowly conquering. One is a French parquetry table which I thought I'd finished on the weekend and then decided I wasn't 100% happy with the finish so I stripped it fully back a second time and re-stained and am doing the final varnish coat again tonight. (Sometimes being a perfectionist sucks...) But I'm so happy with it now and I'll post photos tomorrow.

I also have painted some bedside tables that I've had sitting around for a couple of weeks as I had no idea what to do with them. Photos to come tomorrow also.

Come back tomorrow to see the reveals....

fiona xx

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  1. Happy birthday Sweet Fiona. Glad you had a wonderful day. I do look forward to seeing your lovely pieces. Glad the birdie chest of drawers went to someone nice... That was my favourite... (as per facebook reply)


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