Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ramping things up - HELP!!

I am finding the furniture revamping - blog life so very rewarding (emotionally, not so much financially). I love that it combines so many of my abilities - engineering, practicality, artistic, bargain hunting- with a core values of reuse and non-mass-consumerism, and that I can work from home....

So I've decided to put all my effort into it to make it more financially viable.

I've recently been offered a second booth at The Balmain Road Antique Centre so I grabbed the chance to display more items (photos of the new booth below). I still need to get some more stuff in there especially after  spectacularly successful sales last week and I'll probably put up the striped canvas and bunting that my original booth has.

I have also started a facebook fan page (please "like" me - there's a button over to the right).

In regards to the slow sales through the Centre, I decided that I could be part of the problem or part of the solution so I sat down with the owners of the business and offered my services (for free) to assist in the marketing of the Centre; as my success hinges on their success. So I've started a fan page for them also here and we're working on a blog and a local mailbox drop.

Although talking about slow sales isn't entirely correct, as I had an amazing week last week - the cow cupboard, french desk, white french provincial sideboard, union jack chest, bird on branches chest, harlequin coffee table, the child's french chair and a pair of shoes all sold!

So if you read my blog and like my stuff (for a better word) can you please spread the word amongst your friends and help me grow this business.  Or if you have any ideas on how to market LilyfieldLife please leave a comment below.

Many thanks!



  1. Have Liked you wishing great succes for you.Did you see the Annie Sloan page? I asked her where we can get her pain in Aus. no reply as yet

  2. hi Janelle - I'm wondering if we don't need to talk someone into beomcing an Australian rep for her.
    or asking Porters Paints to do a chalk paint.
    i'm dying to get my hands on some. I've found a recipe for chalk gesso and i think i'm going to make some and try it out. I'll let you know how i get on.
    cheers Fiona

  3. I am happy to like you, will you like me back? :-))
    I just started a FB page too, I would love to have an Aussie friend in paint!
    cheers to you girl!

  4. Hey Fiona, I am reading a fantastic book called "handmade marketplace". It is the best handbook I have found on how to market, promote and grow an arts and craft business. Definitely check it out. Good luck with the growth! I am sure your fanatistic pieces will be flying out of there soon. -K


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