Sunday, May 15, 2011

Roses and a new dining table

This morning I took some time out from painting furniture and met my dad for a coffee and a wander amongst the roses at Swanes Nursery at Dural. I captured these photos with my iphone camera. You wouldn't think it is nearly winter.

I then came home and started restoring my old dining table to sell. I bought this table 20 years ago from an antiques shop in Adelaide . It's very beautiful and has served me well but it's a bit small for our family and I've been looking for a new table for several years. The one I really wanted was $4800 which I can't justify so when I won a French oak table with ornate legs at auction on Tuesday for only $100 (an absolute steal) I decided to keep it. I'm very happy!

My old table and a set of 8 chairs that don't go with the table (the chairs don't quite fit comfortably under the table's apron)

and my new one - I'm not keen on the light oak colour so I plan to restain the top dark and paint the apron and legs...eventually.  I also bought 3 french oak chairs and then tonight I won 4 similar oak chairs on eBay which I think will match nicely once they are all painted. I'll pick them up tomorrow.

Fiona xx


  1. That's a beautiful table! And yes, at $100 it was a steal!

  2. It will look fantastic when you are finished with it. Aren't you so happy blogger is back?

  3. ps my link party is slow starting this weekend because of all the snafus. Will you stop by and link up a Redoux?

  4. Love the rope detail on your table- can't wait to see what you do with it! Your work is amazing!

  5. love the table, where did you get the runner? your guest post is up! thanks again girl! xx


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