Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mother always knows best???

My mum makes me laugh in that so often she prefers the before photo rather than the after photo.

For example, earlier this year I sent her some photos of the Fleur de lis Sideboard I painted and she rang to say how much she loved it and then, about an hour later, I got this email....

How is it going? 

I have to confess I really smiled to myself when I realised that your photos were after, then before, rather than the other way around.  To my old mind, I thought it looked very much in need of repainting in the white version than in the later version ( which I then realised was the 'before' photo).  No criticism at all, just comment on the old lady's view which is becoming more and more of a realisation to me.  Do you ever investigate what the original timber in these pieces is? For example, that sideboard looks quite old enough to have been cedar and would be worth a lot as it was.   These are just queries, not admonishments - I'm really interested.                                           

Much love , Mum

She makes me laugh - but on this occasion I might have to agree with her.

I recently bought this oak bench seat from eBay.

I felt very sad painting over the lovely oak grain but knew it needed a lift somehow.  So I painted it in Dulux's "Antique White USA" and lined the drawer with Damask paper. But I'm still unsure of the outcome...I think I should recover the taupe macroseude of the upholstered seat but it's only recently been done by the previous owner and so I'm just selling it as it is and if after a couple of weeks it isn't sold then I'll reconsider.

Any suggestions or opinions??

cheers Fiona

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  1. i think you did a great job this was a pretty piece to begin with so it didnt take much to make it beautiful


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