Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cherub Lamp

I was recently given this lovely cherub/angel lamp.  I'm tempted to remove the lamp part and just mount the angels on a big chunky block of wood.  I'll leave it like this for a while though and see how I feel in a month or so.

Normally I'm not a fan of angels and cherubs - actually cherubs freak me out a little but these two have such sweet faces. I often find that cherubs look a bit sinister (especially for something that's meant to be angelic).

I've put them on this sideboard in my study area for the time being.  (And yes I know that the frames aren't hanging straight).

I've had a lovely day. My dad came over (from 2 hours away in traffic) to take me supermarket shopping and also to Bunnings (hardware).  I am still not driving and have been doing my weekly shop by walking 30 mins to the supermarket and then catching a taxi home with all the groceries. So it was nice to do it the easy way. He also took me to lunch, lovely to spend some time with him.

And I have finally worked out what colour my house trim actually is. Dulux North Sea Blue.  I'll be repainting the front door tomorrow!


  1. Hi Fiona, I think your cherub lamp is very cute and would look even better with a more vintage shade I reckon. I spent the day with my dad too, he helped me re-stock the shop today which was great. Very nice of your dad to drive all that way to take you shopping. Hope the arm is not too painful. Sandy xx

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  3. Hello, I saw a lamp similiar to this one but this one just has one angel not 2 on the lamp and I saw it in a korean movie yesterday and loved it and have been researching to see if I can find out who has them in stock? Do you have this lamp in stock? I do not want the one with the 2 angels on it I just want the only one angel lamp, I also wondered if you would look on the bottom of yours to see who made the lamp so maybe that piece of info could help me locate the lamps or the maker of the lamps to find out who has them in stock. Pls email me at and let me know what info you discover on this lamp. Thank you!


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