Monday, October 31, 2011

White Tall Boy and Some Purchases

Last Friday I had great success at a furniture auction. I have been looking for a nice wardrobe and long low chest of drawers for my daughter's room. I found a matching set that I got relatively cheaply. They are a terrible mustard yellow colour as it probably was a cream oil based paint that over the years has discoloured.  I will repaint them white when I have time.

So I'm selling the tall boy that was in her room. I've given it a fresh coat of paint and wax.  This is a lovely chest of drawers that I bought when I first finished university.  However it is not good for a little girl who can't reach the top drawers or even pull out the lower ones as they are so deep and heavy once full.

and here are some very bad iPhone shots of the furniture I'm replacing it with.  Please excuse the mess....

I'll post some better photos of her room once I've had a chance to paint the furniture.
Happy Halloween, we're just home from trick or treating and it's time to get these kiddiwinks to bed.

Fiona x


  1. Those pieces have great potential! Can't wait to see what you do with them :)

  2. How lucky were you to get your hands on that set for a good price?! That dresser is gorgeous, or at least will be after you take your hand to it. I luuuuurve those green and white ginger jars by the way! I want 'em. :)


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