Monday, November 7, 2011

Unfinished Projects...

A very unglamourous blog post - I am halfway through so many projects at the moment. Most of which are strewn around my lounge room floor. I really should be tidying up before Phil gets home rather than writing a blog post about my mess...

First up is a lovely French armchair. The twin of the one I did all the way back in  February.  I ran out of material and then the shop discontinued it so I'm stuck not knowing what to cover this chair in so it's sat in my lounge room deconstructed for almost a year.

and then is another french chair that I thought I'd use as practice for homemade chalk paint and also to decide if I really do want my dining chairs white.  I'm onto this chair. It's only a new project started this weekend.  I just need to sort out the material to cover it in. I'll probably use a dropsheet.  I'll be doing a post on my experiences with homemade chalk paint later this week. 
Here is my most embarrassing part of the lounge room.  Back in July our room flooded and the carpet under these built in cabinets went moldy. I'm still dealing with insurance to get the carpet replaced.  Fingers crossed it will happen later this week.

While we are still in the lounge room here is my pile of ironing....told you not to expect glamour today (and yes I do iron my tea towels and pillow slips).
... and then in the shed the list continues. 

What will possibly be a lovely parquetry french coffee table - if I can ever strip of the awful Chinese lacquer on it. I've used so much chemical stripper on this and it still has layers of gunk on it. I think I need an orbital sander... perhaps I''ll pop it on my Christmas list.

and behind the coffee table is a pile of cute chairs that I bought ages ago to restore not realising they were stuff with horsehair. Not sure how to approach these so have chucked them in the shed until I can give them the time they need. 
I also have a divine little cabinet to paint (easy job) and my daughter's wardrobe and chest of drawers.

What's your "to do" list?

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  1. Oh you have so many beautiful treasures! ... and such a talent for restoring them. I personally like to see unglamorous bloggy posts.... shows that there's a real person behind the blog! And by the way, my ironing pile is triple yours! Sigh. A-M xx

  2. Love these chairs! They will be gorgeous! I love the cane back, but they are hard to find.

  3. hi i just love the french chairs-wish i had space for some oh well just dream-love dee


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