Friday, November 18, 2011

Lounge Room Reveal

It's finally a sunny day in Sydney and I can take some decent photos of my lounge room with its painted white floors. This room is now so bright and clean looking, it would have been a shame to take photos of it for the reveal on an overcast day.

This is possibly the cheapest most profitable make over ever. Our insurance paid us $4300 for repairing the damage to this room in the storm back in July and I've managed to only spend $250 on the room to get it to this livable state. I love being able to repair things myself and to not have to pay tradesmen through the nose to do the work for me.

The lounge room is long and relatively narrow with the back door in the centre of the room so we functionally use the room as two areas. One end to watch tv and the other side as a sitting room. When we renovate this will be one of the parts of the house I will change as I want a squarer room that doesn't have the centre of it as a walkway to the back door. I'm not 100% sure how I'll achieve that but we've got some thinking time while we save money for the renovation....

I still need to sort some art for the walls and to drill some holes in the cabinet to hide the cables. The TiVo box us usually sits in the cabinet recess but now the tv is in the centre of the cabinet the cords don't reach so I need to sort that out also.

I've been growing my finger nails and had them all nice and long but managed to break 5 of them while doing these floors. I'm not sure I'm cut out for a glamorous life.

We've got a great weekend lined up. Our good friends are getting married tomorrow afternoon which will be lovely. Our kids are going for a sleep over at their aunts' house so we'll even get a sleep in Sunday morning. And I've also got a wonderful girlfriend of mine in town Sunday from Brisbane and we're catching up in the city.

Here's to fun weekends with long time friends!

Hope you all have a good weekend also.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous w'end Fiona! Your lounge room looks great, you must be soo happy! Mx

  2. Love it! I'm sooo tempted to do my floors like that but we've already spent a small fortune on the tiles.
    Sounds like a full on weekend! Enjoy x

  3. A great weekend ahead by the sounds of it Fiona. Your floors are all done and look fabulous. Love your white shutters. Sandy x

  4. sounds good! and the pillows are lovely!

    thanks for your comment the other day...someone had already told me on facebook & I assumed your comment was the same person...coming back to say thanks I realise it wasn't you...anyway thanks for the offer, the chairs I have now got I think were the ones you were talking about...

    I hid your comment b/c it had your number on and didn't want a nasty to get hold of it



  5. Love your style Fiona. Just discovered you via A Beach Cottage.



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