Monday, November 28, 2011

Puppies and Profiteroles

A bit of a mixed post today but I wanted to share this video of these divine little puppies I saw today at the pet shop. I took my cavoodle, Charlie, in for a trim. We're heading into summer now and Charlie was suffering from the heat (although he looks a bit like a rat now he'll be much cooler and more comfortable).  These Spoodle puppies were so cute and so demanding of attention!  How divine is the little mewing noise they make.

I'd love to bring one home but with a dog, a guinea pig and four chickens we have enough pets already!

and I also thought I'd share some more photos of my dining room. We had very good friends from San Francisco come and stay for the weekend and on Saturday night we hosted a dinner party with friends of theirs as well. It was so wonderful catching up. (although after 3 big nights in a row I'm exhausted now!)
still loving my sideboard and mirror!
me with dessert - homemade profiteroles with chocolate sauce. No one was counting calories that night!
and all clean again the next morning once all the champagne and red wine bottles and food debris had been removed! 
Hope you all had a fun weekend! cheers Fiona


  1. My tongue is now saturating my keyboard after seeing those profiterols. Yum. I need to go shopping, like right now.

  2. OMG i love this room. I want to paint mine white but my husband had a hissy fit,i think i have to stat off small like a chair so he will learn to love it.But back to your room it is beautiful,you must be proud,job well done love dee x

  3. Hey Fiona
    Your dinning room looks sensational, what a gorgeous setting for a dinner party! Especially love the 'new' mirror. Mx


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