Tuesday, November 15, 2011


A couple of times a week the kids and I do "Crafternoon" after school. We all love it. Today we read "The Snail and The Whale" and then the kids painted their own interpretation of a scene from the book. The rule is they aren't allowed to try and copy the exact picture. This way no one gets upset when the picture doesn't turn out exactly the same.

While they painted, I made bread dough which we later kneaded and rolled into knot rolls for the kids lunches tomorrow.

These afternoons are the reason I don't let the kids watch tv during the week.

I'm having trouble with my computer and can't log into blogger so am posting this from my iPad so I apologise for the lack of formatting.

I'll be revealing the rest of my lounge room tomorrow. Just the skirtings to paint then it's done (good enough anyway).

Cheers Fiona


  1. Best mum ever award <3 You are amazing Fiona !

  2. Such a great idea! I love how you set time aside to do this with the kids and to paint a scene from a book! Brilliant!

  3. How's the arm Sweet Fiona? You are such a great Mummy!!!


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