Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just some pretty things

Good morning! Well my kids are happily back at school this morning and I'm all set to do some painting and upholstering projects. I'm also off at lunchtime to try a new spin class at the gym. I am making 2013 my year to look after me - it was meant to be 2012 but with I got thrown off track by my mum dying unexpectedly and actually ended up gaining weight rather than losing it. (Grief is a bugger...). 

I have been swimming in a squad for a few months now and while it's definitely helped my fitness it's not resulted in any weight loss so it's time to step things up. I have started once more to eat clean, count my calories, move more, lift weights, meditate and start to believe in myself again. I've got to still get back into daily juicing and running but it's a good start.  

Anyway I thought I'd share some little pretty things from around our house today. Nothing much but just a little loveliness for a Wednesday with no kids in the house for 6 hours!

This old soda bottle was in my parents' house - in the pool room - I can't write that without smiling and thinking "straight to the pool room!". The silver canister was my mum's - my dad gave it to her for a birthday about 35 years ago and it was meant to hold cigarettes - hello 1970's! She never used it for that and it's a pretty shape so I am happy to have it although I hate smoking. The Wedgwood white vase was also my mum's. So this whole little vignette is dedicated to her without me even realising it until I've written it here.

I bought this candlestick (above) from The Works in Melbourne - I have wanted a large candlestick for months now, thinking I would make one out of old turned wood or something, but this one caught my eye and I decided to buy it as the colour was perfect  for our home and I loved the weight of it.

Well I am getting off the computer and getting stuck into it. What are you up to? hope you have a good one.

Fiona xx


  1. Hi Fiona - your house is just beautiful -I love these snippets you photograph and post. I am sure that with your determination and boundless energy you will be back in shape in no time. Taking care of yourself is very important especially after losing your beloved mum.
    We are all wishing you well on this
    Julia x

  2. a beautiful post
    good luck with it all

  3. What a beautiful post, I especially love the little vignette dedicated to your mum. I've also joined a gym for the first time in my life I'm attending classes and working out. No visible results yet but I feel good. Have a lovely day. xT

  4. As a long time reader of your beautiful blog, I have never commented before, I have just been admiring you and your painting and enjoying your photos and what you write but this post has made me want to say to you that you of all people shouldn't NOT believe in yourself. I am sure I speak on behalf of many of your readers to say that you inspire so many of us to get out there and do "stuff". Don't feel that your weight has anything to do with it. As long as you are healthy and happy that is all that matters. Be happy and take care of yourself and we'll all be hear cheering you on. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    all the best

  5. Hi Fiona, well done, you. I love this honest post, you must be missing your mom like crazy and it's no good to beat yourself up about weight gain. I really feel for you and this post has prompted me to go call my dear old mom as soon as I'm finished here. Take care of yourself, honey and thanks for the beautiful peeks into your stunning home.
    xx Katherine

  6. Hi Fiona, I did the Michelle bridges 12 wBt last year and highly recommend it. I can probably get you a guest pass to Crunch at Leichhardt if you are interested. I'm addicted to spin classes!

  7. I lost a parent last year too and put on weight so have now started W.W. I don't believe the grief ever leaves you. Your idea of meditating is a good one! Amazing how we put together things of a loved one without realising. Love the candlestick - am looking for one just like that up my way in Queensland! Take care :-)

  8. Hi Fiona,

    I have just found your blog and it is very timely as we have just bought a beach house and I am buying furniture, scouring the auction rooms etc. I have put you on my "fave blogs" sidebar. Love your work, I will be visiting regularly. It you would like to see my blog (a bit neglected lately!!!) it is Enjoy your spin class :)

    1. thanks Shazm i will check out your blog. good luck with the shopping - sounds fun

  9. Thanks Fiona for the 'pretty things' and much success with getting yourself fit and well.
    Also thanks for the write up on what paints to use, very, very helpful.

    Enjoy your health regime.

    Lyn, Brisbane

  10. Hi Fiona,
    I also have been an admirer of yours since reading about you in my local paper The Manly Daily. You are so generous sharing your tips and advice on painting furniture. I have a few pieces of furniture in the shed that need a makeover and now I can get on with them thanks to you. I love reading your blog and am amazed at your energy! Take care x


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