Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Great Day and Pretty Bedsides

Hi lovelies, I'm off to watch my kids participate in their swimming carnival today so just a quick blog post this morning. I'm looking forward to seeing both the kids swim their races and to see Sasha and her friend James take on their new positions as house captains.

Yesterday was one of those days where the hours seemed to stretch and I got loads done - admittedly nothing major but just a load of small things on my to do list. 

Phil and I walked in Callan Park in the morning and the early sunlight promised a beautiful day.

I got the kids off to school and decided to play hookey from my work for a few hours so one of my girlfriends and I went to my favourite beach for a swim, chat and coffee. 

I then went and bought the carpet for the upstairs bedrooms and hallways. We went with Smart Strand IQ150 in Cityscape which is the one on the top front in the photo above. My best friend has this carpet in her house and says even with 4 messy kids and after 4 years it still looks brand new. That's a good enough recommendation for me (although saying that I think I read every single review on the internet). It is lovely and soft and also has a 25 year guarantee on both stains and wear.

I also picked up some new paint, worked with my builder to design the paneling for the staircase, picked up some fabulous old furniture to paint (two enormous bedsides - not these ones below, a French chair and a coffee table - they are still in my car so I'll photograph later) and I also finished painting these white bedsides and matching chest of drawers for a client.

I'll be painting the matching dressing table next week. I forgot to take a before photo (come on a girl can't remember everything...)

 ...and my lovely husband Phil went out to pick up some dinner as it seems I also forgot to cook... 

Tonight I'd better do a roast dinner to make up for things :)

Have a great day. 
Fiona xx

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