Tuesday, February 24, 2015

White painted furniture: before and after photos

I've been slack at blogging this last fortnight but drowning reveling in a sea of paint, vintage furniture and house renovations so forgive me :)

Here is why I absolutely love white paint.

White paint can change your home so quickly and relatively easy and cheaply. Sure you might have to squeeze it in around your busy life, set yourself up after dinner and paint - there's not much on TV these days anyway. Being productive is so good for the soul.

Look what you can do to outdated orange pine furniture.

These bedsides are massive and so stately. I thought white and lightly distressed would suit them best but there are always so many options with paint.

I also was asked by Nigel and Louise to transform their bedroom furniture. This is a well made set that they've had for many years but the timber was very dark and scratched. Time to hit that refresh button. They chose a semi gloss white paint and to change out the new handles.

Here is how it looked before.

Another lovely Louise asked me to paint her little console table white.

Simple but a fresh new start for this old piece. I love painting for Louise, she just says "you know I like what you do" and leaves me to it.

Also these beautiful bedsides were sent off to another of my most loyal customers. A custom mixed white and wax transformed them. Solid white and no distressing for a clean look. I could have easily kept these ones.

Still pretty even unpainted.

Been painting anything white lately?
I'm just about to paint the laundry cabinetry..and the lounge room cabinetry and all the wardrobes...not as much fun as vintage furniture.

a sea of white paint
Fiona xx


  1. i am in LURVE with that desk! those legs!

  2. White was definitely an improvement!!! I also have had a few pieces don in white as you can see on my latest blog post!

  3. No, I haven't been painting anything white lately - but wish I was as I have two pieces just sitting waiting. Hopefully I will get to them soon. I love all of yours shown. Good luck with your painting inside your house


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