Friday, February 6, 2015

How to Paint a Vinyl Chair

OMG this Rococo chair I gave new life to has turned out even better than I could ever have imagined.

I bought this chair a few weeks ago for around $45 or so, actually I can't remember - it may have been less it may have been $60. Whatever; it was cheap enough for me to do an experiment on. I thought I'd try and paint the peach vinyl and if it didn't work then I would strip and reupholster.

I am so glad I saved myself all that tedious work. This project was very quick and easy and I am in LOVE with the result. 

I got asked by a lot of people on social media to share a tutorial. Really I just want to say you need to have a little faith and courage, and pick up your paint brush and start painting.  

Be brave.
It's only paint.

See the grime on the chair above - I cleaned it all off with Gumption.

I then cracked open a tin of Chalk Paint and started painting.

No other preparation required.

How fantastic.

I painted the chair and the frame the same colour. Once I'd finished the first coat, I gave all the vinyl a second coat making sure to peel open the tufted bits and get the paint in everywhere. 

I let it dry overnight to make sure it was fully dry, gave the chair a light sand with a 220grit sanding sponge and then waxed the vinyl with clear wax - I used both a round brush and a chub cloth to apply the wax. I then dry brushed the frame with white to create a weathered look on the timber. I am really happy with how the painted frame looks. I think it is one of the best finishes I've ever achieved.

Here are some detailed shots

You can see creases in the vinyl (that were there before I painted). The paint doesn't crack or peel off these when you sit. Yesterday Phil used the chair when working from home for hours and it is still perfect. Sure it may wear over the years as my daughter uses it at her desk but hey even leather wears. I can always repaint it also. 

I hope you have been inspired.

I'm off to gaze at it a little more..
Fiona xx


  1. Ha ha ha!! Oh Fiona, too funny. I know that.... 'gaze at my work' thing only too well. Can't blame you. Ha ha. It really does look beautiful! Once you'd dry brushed the frame did you wax it? Fabulous job!

    I have a lot of chairs but none with vinyl seats. How has the painting the fabric seat held up? I've painted fabric with acrylic paint and it lasts pretty well (outdoors).

    Beautiful, as always!

  2. It's gorgeous! What color Annie Sloan paint is it please? Cheers, Victoria x

  3. Wow - this result is amazing! What a a lovely piece!

  4. And doesn't the gold mirror look great as a contrast!!

  5. Wow, you painted the whole thing??!!?! Leather, decorative nail heads and all. It looks awesome!!! I would have never thought to do that, but I love it!!


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