Saturday, February 14, 2015

Five Things I'm loving right now

I thought this was a good post for Valentine's day.

1. My John Downton paintings. My parents were big fans and collectors of this artist' beautiful works. John Downton is a south coast artist and many of his works depict the sea and countryside around my hometown of Eden. I inherited a few of my mother's paintings and love seeing these around the house as they remind of my parents, my childhood and my beautiful far south coast.

These are a few of them.  I still have most of them just leaning against the wall on cabinets. Once we are finished our renovations I have just the spot in mind for a gallery wall for them.

2. That my stove and oven are back in action. We have been without indoor cooking since Christmas night after our house, once again, was struck by lightning. (We live on the top of a hill and about once a year the houses around here get struck by lightning. Council need to install a lightning rod nearby!) The parts have finally arrived from Italy and it's working again. It is so good to not be barbequeing every night.  I love my oven even a little more because when it was out of action, I stripped it down and cleaned it fully so it now looks like new.

3. Pinterest - I've been using it instead of an architect or an interior designer. Trying to work out how to map out wall paneling? - easy check Pinterest. Need to design a fireplace surround? no issue, Pinterest to the rescue. I have used it to solidify my ideas and to work out what I actually want in our house for every single element. So much better than an old fashioned scrapbook. You can follow me here.

4. This tufted armchair. I almost never buy new furniture but I couldn't walk past this blue tufted armchair from Adairs on sale for only $250. It's called the Coco Armchair in teal and it will go in my son's room right next to his world map wall. He is beyond excited.

5.  Frozen grapes. I'd forgotten how good they are. I just pop the whole bag in the freezer then when I feel like a cold snack I grab a couple. Better than an ice block on these hot days and so much healthier. The kids also love them.

and of course on Valentine's day I have to mention that I'm loving Phil... but that's a given...ALWAYS

What are you loving right now?

Fiona xx


  1. I love the cabinet pulls in your kitchen! I've never seen anything like these and they're so charming. Would you mind letting me know where you bought them?

  2. I found them at Marine Isles after a little looking. Sorry to have bothered you about the pulls. Thank you for your lovely blog! I enjoy following your projects.

    1. hi sorry only just seen your comments now. but yes marina isles stock similar - mine are from elsewhere but she stocks the same.


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