Thursday, April 2, 2015

An escape while floors are polished

Do you know how sometimes when you stop doing something, that it's really hard to start again. I've been a bit like that with blogging (and exercise). So much has happened this last month and so often I think I should blog but making time for it has been very difficult. Lots to catch up on (if you are interested). We had to leave our house for a week while the floors in our house were sanded and sealed.

For the week we had to be out of the house, we decided to escape to Tasmania and rented a campervan that unfortunately was a bit dodgy with lots of broken things but it got us around the Apple Isle just fine. We had a beautiful week, mainly trekking in idyllic places, being with nature and spending quality time as a family. Family time is so important and holidays like these always brings it home to me.

We travelled up the East Coast to Freycinet Peninsula and did an 11km hike around Wineglass Bay and the Hazards. Swimming a Wineglass bay was pristine but freezing.

We camped right on the beach at the Bay of Fires. I felt so at home here as the geography is so like where I grew up. Going to sleep at night with the steady rain and the pounding waves was music to my soul.

Sunrise was very pretty and peaceful (and cloudy)

We also did a hike over at Cradle Mountain over on the West Coast (in the pouring rain). We hadn't planned on going there but in the end our family loves hiking, the kids are great walkers and we love being out in nature so we decided to squeeze it in. Despite the rain (and leeches), it was fabulous.

We then had a weekend in Hobart in an apartment in Sandy Bay that I found on Airbnb, right on the beach and river. It was a great end to our holiday.  The sunrises were unbelievable. No touching up required of these photos.

Today is our builder's last day and next week he leaves Sydney to move to Byron Bay (Samuel Hall Building). I will really miss working with Sam and have to say that he's totally ruined me for ever working with another builder. If I ever renovate again it's going to have to be in Byron Bay... I'll share more of our house renovation photos soon.

Fiona xx


  1. Looks so peaceful there! Ahh, wish I could escape!

  2. Sounds like a family camping trip with our kids years ago in a dodgy van in the Colorado mountains. Van pretty awful; companionship priceless. Your pictures are gorgeous. Would you consider selling a print of the last pic with the sailboats. I have a gallery wall in progress of some of my nephew's pics and yours would fits in beautifully. Please sell me one. I will send back pictures of the completed gallery wall when its complete.

    Awaitung more pictures of your renovation filled with your pretty painted furniture.

    Thanks. Pam

  3. Looking forward to seeing all of your pics of your completed house.

  4. I've been missing your writing and can't wait to see your house:) I very much admire your work! Thank you!


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