Friday, April 17, 2015

Furniture post - it's been a while

I have a studio! It needs a coat of paint or two - luckily I know just the person who is handy with a paint brush :) and I have loads of boxes to unpack but my furniture painting studio is up and running, I'm so happy to be back to sourcing interesting furniture and turning them into beautiful hand painted treasures. 

My first piece is proof that some pieces only need a lick of paint to make them really shine. This piece is probably from India. The carvings are lovely but when I bought it, it was very grubby and the glass in the door was broken. I replaced the glass with chicken wire as I felt that suited the rustic look.

To insert the chicken wire I used my Bosch Staple Gun and then with pliers, I bent over the edges of wire to make it safe. I love how it looks now.

I will be starting my furniture painting workshops very soon and will be emailing everyone who has already expressed their interest. If you want to find out more, email me on

cheers Fiona xx


  1. i love the finish on this piece- so charming!

  2. Such a lovely and interesting piece. The carvings make it unique.

  3. What a great piece! Glad to see you're so close to finishing, Mx


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