Thursday, April 30, 2015

ASCP Paris Grey French Style Bedroom Furniture

Gee I'm creative with my blog post titles aren't I. I'm so surprised anybody bothers to click through sometimes. It's the engineer in me - technical and straight to the point :)  I grew up with a household of wordsmiths and literary geniuses. Not me though, I was out digging in the dirt, doing experiments or playing with my technical lego. I was always getting told that I was illiterate when we played board games and I couldn't pronounce the more difficult questions in Trivial Pursuit (yes, it was the 1980s!) . Luckily, I realised it was just the stiff competition of my family and not the general population that I was being graded against :)  ...ha ha... not scarred at all thanks Mum and Dad. 

Anyway enough of my writing style ... on to beautiful grey paint and pretty furniture. Kylie and Maurice picked up their bedroom suite last Friday and they loved it. 

You saw these pieces last week.

And then I finished the long dresser and the tri-fold mirror as well. It's a lot of furniture!  Kylie's parents bought it many years ago as their wedding present and now for Kylie and Maurice's wedding, they've had me paint and refresh it.  I think that link to their parents is just wonderful.

Kylie wanted the handles a darker grey to replicate the piping on their new bedhead. I spray painted the handles in a dark grey for a lovely smooth finish.

The morning after Kylie picked it up I got a lovely message from her.

Fiona, I am beyond words of excitement!! I absolutely LOVE what you did. They look great and match my bedhead perfectly. They officially feel like my furniture now. Thankyou for doing them in such a short time. Can't wait to style up the rest and I'll take photos for you. Mum and Dad keep coming into my room to admire the change. Thankyou, thankyou! So glad I found you on instagram!!! have a great weekend.

even Charlie approves...

Today I am finishing another bedroom set - pine that had seen better days but it now fresh and Hamptons white. 

have a great day - it's Friday after all 
Fiona xx


  1. What a wonderful job Fiona, Congratulations , you keep on excelling

    Best wishes Patricia

  2. I love seeing all your wonderful transformations Fiona. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Ha! I love the title of the post! I knew exactly what to expect when clicking on the link! Sometimes titles are so obscure! They make no sense (and to be perfectly honest, some of the titles of my posts
    are a little silly) and I just pass them by!

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