Friday, April 24, 2015

In the works

As the sun rises over Sydney this morning I am thinking of the devastation across the coast and the massive clean up underway. I hope you are all okay and that you have fared okay throughout these storms. I was chatting with a friend this morning and she was saying it just shows we are a speck on the face of the earth when compared to the force of nature. And here we are thinking we are in control :)

photo taken by my sister this morning
I have been watching paint dry very slowly this week. I'm working on a bedroom set for Kylie and Maurice. For their wedding present to each other, they have asked me to paint their bedroom set a beautiful grey. It was Kylie's parents furniture and so it is very treasured. I'll share all details next week when I've finished it all.

So many drawers!

I am almost finished with just the top of the long low dresser and the mirrors to paint. I'll share more photos tomorrow of that. I am always a little nervous when I do custom furniture painting, hoping that I am able to achieve my client's vision for their furniture. I sent a photo to Kylie last night and she replied with "Im sooo sooo happy. I showed my mum and she is just as excited about them."

A big relief! ...although I should just trust myself.

Have a good day and if you've been without power I hope you get it on soon and good luck with the clean up.

Fiona xx


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