Saturday, May 16, 2015

Divine Vintage Mirrors - Super Pretty

Oh have I got some beauties for you today! Actually I don't have them anymore as they have already sold and been picked up but the photos are so worth sharing.

I have had this plaster mirror sitting in our house waiting to be painted for about 6 months. It is a beautiful vintage plaster mirror - I personally don't like the two ovals and was going to try to remove that level of plaster and just keep the outer frame.  I don't have a full before photo but below you can see the original brown and gold colour combination.  The mirror sat in the corner of our room throughout most of the renovation while I decided what to do with it but then one day my friend Belinda was visiting and saw it, fell in love with it and said she would buy it, so I decided to just paint it.

I painted this mirror in layers of Porters Paint greys, with the top coat being a beautiful soft pale grey. The mirror is over 1.4m tall and is very heavy and solid. There is some age spots on the mirror but just what you would expect from a mirror of this vintage. It will be available for sale at Bella Emporio Rozelle eventually (after the lovely Belinda has had her fill of its beauty). If you really want it, you might be able to twist her arm :)

Last week I came across another big mirror that I just had to buy. It's a vintage mirror hand carved from Blackwood and it was in perfect condition. There's a lovely inscription written on the back from the maker including his old telephone number. I should have taken a photo of it to share.  I painted this in a pale grey and then dark wax antiqued it and distressed it ever so slightly. I was very tempted to keep this one for myself as it is so unusual.

 I love old interesting mirrors and thinking of their history. I am relishing working in my new studio and have been getting heaps done - although my house to do list isn't progressing very much but that's okay. There is plenty of time :)

Fiona xx

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  1. Gorgeous! I am not big on mirrors and may have used it to frame several beaded vintage purses I have!

    1. Thanks a great idea. I'm about to turn an old mirror frame into a pinboard for my desk.


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