Monday, May 25, 2015

Timber and Black is the New Black

In painting circles, ASCP Graphite is the new black: well then I'm going to take it one step further and say ASCP Graphite paired with natural timber is the new black.

I am embracing old oak dressing tables at the moment. I bought this dresser/chest of drawers from a guy who when I asked the history of the drawers proudly said he'd bought them in Newtown years ago and had spent a weekend stripping of the paint and restoring them. So I bit my tongue, paid my money, put the drawers in my car and didn't mention that I was a furniture painter...and I quickly drove off already planning in my head how I would paint these (and feeling the teeniest little bit guilty.)

But you know what I figure that my buyer will love them painted, then one day she will eventually sell them and then one day in years to come, someone will decide they hate the painted finish and will spend a happy weekend sanding off my paint and they will proudly say "I restored these drawers" and they'll love them and feel very happy with their efforts and that's what makes the world go round.

The drawers were stained but with a reddish brown paint and not properly sealed or the sealant had worn off - they were quite rough to touch so I immediately started sanding...and sanding...and sanding. But you already know how much I love sanding

Sometimes little details all work out. In the seller's photo below you can see the iron ring handles that were on the little drawers - obviously not original but neither were the brass cup handles. I love the brass cup handles with the black paint but the iron rings had to go. I never keep them on furniture because I just think they are ugly.

Luckily I had some small brass knobs off another piece of furniture I'm painting at the moment. The other piece is going grey and my client wanted pewter knobs instead of the original brass so I was able to swap out these knobs. Perfect..and it saved me a trip to the hardware shop.

I also removed the upright mirror holders as the mirror wasn't sold with the dresser. I'm sure I'll find a project down the track I can use the timber for.

Do you love the ASCP Graphite and timber together?

Fiona xx

PS in case you are wondering, this piece has already sold


  1. I do! I'm not a great fan of black furniture for my own home, but I have to say I do love the look of it. It looks very tailored (if you could use that expression for wood!), and clean-lined. I think I may even be tempted to have some in my house when it looks so nice with the timber top as contrast. This little dresser has come up beautifully, Fiona. Love it!

    1. Thanks Elisabeth - I only have a couple of black pieces and only in bright sunny rooms but I agree - this table is very tailored. great word for it. thanks x

  2. I certainly do Fiona, love that graphite. Such a sophisticated and stylish piece of furniture Love it

    1. Thanks so much Cathy. Graphite is beautiful isn't it.


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