Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hall Console Synchronicity

Life can be funny sometimes. A friend rang me on Monday to say she was driving back from Caringbah with a piece of furniture she'd bought on eBay and could she drop it in to me to paint. I immediately knew exactly what she had bought as I'd been watching it all week myself and contemplated buying it but in the end I decided I couldn't be bothered driving all that way to pick it up so I passed on it. Now I get to paint it anyway. ...And my friend wants it painted exactly how I would have painted it. Love it. Synchronicity.

The table is very pretty. It's a reproduction and the legs were broken where they screwed in but I can fix them. Patricia wants it painted like these consoles I have previously painted.

french style hall console tables - hand painted by Lilyfield Life

french style hall console tables - hand painted by Lilyfield Life

This is one of the few pieces of furniture that I regret selling. I taught my nephew to paint furniture a while ago and he and I worked on this piece together so it's extra special to me - but at the time I needed a hall table with storage so I let this one go. Although a VERY good looking man bought this, after turning up on a Ducati, how could I say no :) 
I'll always be on the look out for another one similar (furniture ..not the man) I think.

Here's another french style console table I painted in the same colour scheme.

french style hall console tables - hand painted by Lilyfield Life

french style hall console tables - hand painted by Lilyfield Life

I look forward to sharing Patricia's console with you once I have finished it. I think the leg detail is really going to be beautiful. (and yes it doesn't need painting - it's fine as it is, but Patricia wants it painted to match her home decor).

yours in painted frenchy things
Fiona xx

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  1. Hi Fiona,

    (Can we say 'Frenchy things'???? Ha ha ha. Maybe it doesn't have the same meaning now!) The console table is really lovely and it'll look gorgeous done similarly to the other one.

    I have to laugh really. Some of our family live in Sydney and rarely visit us in Wollongong as we're too far away. We go there all the time. Caringbah is only 35 mins from you! Chuckle. Still, I guess if you have a good source of closer furniture you needn't travel too far. A benefit of living in the big city. I find myself spending a lot of time on the road travelling to far flung destinations, to collect pieces.

    Looking forward to seeing the console finished. Cheers, Liz.

    1. Yes but to travel in the car for an hour to pick up furniture and then paint eats into my profitability too much and as you say it all depends on what furniture you have close to you.
      (I think we can say Frenchy things - tongue in cheek of course)

  2. Love the one you did and bet this one will be nice, too.

  3. it's going to look so beautiful

  4. What a beautiful job you did on these pieces!


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