Thursday, February 4, 2016

Another year of painted furniture (This one works)

I can't believe it's into February already. This year is flying past and my kids seem to be growing up quicker than ever. Sasha is loving high school and is making new friends and Jonty loves being in year 5 and he's back in class with his best friend and everything is perfect in his world. Sweet.

Looking back over 2015 I had a fantastic year. When you are in the thick of work and the day to day, it can be good to stand back and look at all you achieve. Working for myself and by myself there isn't much discussion about future plans and past achievements. I just keep plodding (zooming??) along with my paints and brushes, painting lovely pieces of furniture. Last year I got offered some amazing opportunities that for different reasons I didn't pursue and it left me a little discontent - which I'll share later with you - so it's good to look back on the year and see what I did actually achieve.  We finished our house renovations and I also painted 268 pieces of furniture. A big year all in all.

I thought you might like to see a little video of some of the pieces.

and a faster slightly different version.

and some of my favourite things from the year:

Our house tops the list. I just love living here - so practical and spacious and lovely.

This beautiful French style hutch:

This vinyl chair that was an ugly peach colour until I painted it with chalk paint. 
Divine now. 

This lovely little armoire:

Lisa's sideboard in a beautiful blue grey that was colour matched from a frame she owned.

This blackboard I made for my friend Belinda who owns Bella Emporio Rozelle.

and this cupboard that now lives in my lounge room.

Lots of greys and blues this year - but still a lot of the ever popular white.

Hope you liked this little summation of my year for 2015. Thanks for all your support and purchases.



  1. It's all so beautiful Fiona, clever busy girl

  2. So many beautiful pieces! The videos went way too fast for me, I kept having to pause them to have a better look :)


  3. Your furniture transformations are so beautiful. You do a wonderful job helping out those pieces in much need of help. What an improvement and second chance of a new life with a pretty new coat of paint. Lovely.


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