Thursday, February 11, 2016

French Console and a French Armoire

I have a few divine pieces at the moment out of a recent container from Europe - in love with them all but our house is full. These pieces, I'm loathe to paint, preferring to sell them as they are. 

First is a beautiful French armoire or combination chest. The inlaid timber detail is very beautiful and I feel it's a shame to paint over this. I am planning on just refreshing the timber with wax and replacing the handles - (these aren't the original handles anyway)

Pieces like this are hard to come by - gorgeous old functional beauty - perfect for any room in your house.

160h x 90w x 60d cm
(includes new handles)

roses from our garden
I also have sourced a beautiful wall mounted console. This is incredibly beautiful:  The base is painted in a muted gold and there's a divine piece of marble for the top. This needs to be screwed into your wall but is perfect touch of glamour for a narrow spot. 

just sold this gorgeous rococo trinket box

French marble console
103w x 23d x 80h cm. 

Let me know if you are interested in either piece. They really are a special addition to any home.


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  1. Lovely pieces. I have seen some similar in such sad condition and always hope someone gives them new life.


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