Wednesday, February 24, 2016

At home & in a Magazine

Good morning, my lovely friends.  I am pleased to say that I am having a great week: happy, inspired and working hard. It's nice when you are trotting along in your life and stop and realise yes you are happy. I hope you are all finding some joy in your week also. Sometimes it feels as though joy and happiness can be hard to experience as we slip into middle age and so often have financial pressures, kids growing up and our relationships with them changing, parents ageing and dying, juggling work and home life, our bodies not necessarily how we want them or imagined them to be etc. No wonder people have middle age crises. I am trying to meditate and exercise a little more and not be so work focused all the time and to sit and relax with my kids more.

french planter in garden

I thought I'd share some recent photos from our home and also a magazine in which I was featured recently.  A lovely article in the Central West Lifestyle magazine. Thanks Pip for the inclusion of my business and painting tips. I hope your readers find it useful. Welcome if you are new here.

Central West Lifestyle magazine - Lilyfield Life

Gorgeous flowers from my gorgeous sister.

flowers in my french kitchen Lilyfield Life

Bath time for Charlie in our laundry. 
Man  oh man, I love this room (and the dog).
Seriously, I can't believe I love my laundry room so much :)  It was a horrible bedroom before we renovated but now it's just perfect as out laundry.

Lilyfield Life laundry french style white laundry

A new pot plant in a vintage pot holder that I painted.

french style furniture Lilyfield life

Roses from Phil for our wedding anniversary - and he surprised me with a booking for dinner at the restaurant where we held our wedding reception. He is good!  It's now a Spanish restaurant and the food was delicious - paella and some tapas. 

Lilyfield Life home

A rare haircut - I always promise myself that I'd going to get to the hairdressers more than once a year but I almost never do. May this year can be my year of looking after myself.  (and I obviously don't have the knack of taking selfies). I took this on the way out the door to the school cocktail party. Luckily there are no photos of me the next morning as the punch was lethal.

Morning tea on the weekend with my parents in law. Delicious treats from Orange Grove Markets. Too hot to bake :)

Delicious recipe Lilyfield Life

What nice things have been happening for you lately?
Hopefully many many lovely things 
Fiona xx


  1. Love this post Fiona, nice to see into your life
    Mary x

  2. Those desserts made my tummy rumble and want some!
    Congratulations on the magazine feature! Such an accomplishment!
    You should be very proud.

    1. Thank you Rose. It was a nice feature. And Es the desserts were lovely :)

  3. Nice one Fiona!
    Keep going well.

  4. Fiona, I'm so glad to hear I am not the only one that visits a hairdresser once a year. I think it has to do with this whole furniture-painting thing. I used to pride on calling myself a Fashionista once upon a time, but since I gave up my job working in a large Montreal law firm more than 10 years go, lately my fashion is painted old yoga pants and oversized husband's shirt!!!!
    P.S. Great picture of you and congratulations on being featured in a magazine!

  5. Nice things that I have had happen in the past week or so are : I have had some spare time to spend in the garden and painted my old plant pot, thanks for your advice there Fiona! I have finally started painting my kitchen stools. Also my granddaughter stayed for a couple of days and we went to the library then to the cafe for a babychino, which she loved! Two and a half and knows her way around a cafe already!

  6. Hi Fiona,
    What a lovely email to read, so nice and upbeat and I'm glad you are happy as you do a lot of beautiful work. So nice to see you were freatured also and what a photo spread they gave you. You deserved it. Thanks for all your lovely posts.
    Paint It Whte Interiors Blog


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