Monday, February 22, 2016

Changing plans - French Single Bedhead

Sometimes pieces end up harder than you expect - actually it wasn't the piece that was hard; it was my expectations of it. A few weeks ago Sara emailed and asked if I had any french single beds. The next day I came across two vintage french oak single bedheads.
So I bought them. So beautiful even in their original state.

updating a french oak single bedhead. Lilyfield Life

We looked at several ways to turn these bedheads into one bed but it didn't work out. Our main issue is that a bedhead is narrower than the bedhead made to use as a bed so without tacking pieces on the side of the frame which would just look weird, we couldn't manage it. I seriously spent so much time trying to work out how to turn the bedhead into a single bed that my hourly rate on this is ridiculous. Sometimes I try to please a customer too much and really should just do up furniture how I originally want and then list it for sale. Saying that this is not Sara's fault at all, and I'm not upset with her. I just should probably choose the easier path when I'm trying to make a profit;)

Sara even bought an IKEA bed frame that I was also going to hand paint in ASCP Graphite and use bed brackets to attach to the bed head. Luckily I realise before I started painting that the IKEA bed frame was  about 15cm wider than the bedhead. Packaging it all back into the box took a long time. IKEA are experts in Tetris let me tell you.  I eventually got all the pieces and the instructions back in the box and Sara bought an ensemble mattress to use with the single bedhead. 

I tell you this story to give you hope if you are trying to re-work a piece of furniture and it's not going your way. It happens to the best of us :)

Here it is finished:

Upholstery: updating a french oak single bedhead. Lilyfield Life

This bedhead was painted in ASCP Graphite and top-coated with a wipe on poly. I then I upholstered it with divine embroidered fabric Sara had bought from Paris. It's so beautiful and worked well with the grey upholstery gimp braid that I had left over from a previous project.

So I have one remaining bedhead that my boy, Jonty has now claimed. He also wants it painted in ASCP Graphite and he has chosen lovely blue-green fabric from No More Chintz in Balmain.  It was funny because I started explaining the project and the lovely sales lady knew all about it (and about me) from following Lilyfield Life on Instagram. Ha ha the price of fame :)

I'll share Jonty's bedroom when I finish the bedhead which will hopefully be later this week. I love his room - so bright and fun. Lucky boy.

Fiona xx


  1. it does look nice, as I am sure the second one will, too.

  2. Been there, done that, still engineering convincing fixes, grrrrrrrr!


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