Wednesday, January 11, 2017

6 years old - Happy birthday Lilyfield Life

I realised last night that my furniture business is now 6 years old! It actually feels like I've been doing this forever - in a good way as painting furniture and blogging is now in my blood and I can't imagine not doing either.

While I had painted furniture and my kitchen cabinetry prior to starting my business officially this little chair was the first piece I did under my brand name. 

How cute is Jonty?
He was 4 years old and just about to start kindergarten.  He always says he helped launch my business. 

These are some of my first pieces.  All done well before chalk paint was even heard of :)
no stencils used - the harlequin pattern and damask were all hand drawn and painted.

So many pieces of my hand painted furniture now gracing your homes. Thank you everybody for your support and purchases. I am so grateful to have turned my passion into a great business.

Fiona xx

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