Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The first coat of paint

Sometimes the first coat of paint makes a piece look absolutely terrible and you might wonder if you have done a bad thing by painting your piece of furniture. My advice is always to press on and add another coat ..and another .. and another until you are happy with the result. Sometimes two coats is enough and sometimes it might be 5 coats depending on what you are painting and what colour paint you are using.

But every now and then the first coat of paint just looks absolutely amazing. 

I've a load more work to do on this piece as it will be painted a solid colour and the interior needs a lot of work but I love it already. 

Fiona xx


  1. And if it does not sell, you can always add another coat! You have good judgement.

  2. love this cabinet would make a great place to put linens...and you are so right the first coat is scary!


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