Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year: fresh start 2017

Happy New Year
wishing you the best year yet for 2017

Have you made any resolutions?
Do you ever keep them?

I started the new year with a three hour yoga and wellness morning that friends of mine had organised as part of their fundraising for Oxfam 100km walk. Oh man I have tight muscles. Strong but tight and in need of a lot of stretching. It was a brilliant morning and a great way to start the year. I'm going to add stretching and yoga back into my routine as I definitely need it.

I am still having a break from the furniture painting. It's been so hot that I'm not even wanting to paint. Reading, going to the beach and spending time with my family and friends has just been lovely. Hope you are having the same good times with your loved ones.

Fiona xx


  1. I hope your new year is filled with joy and inspiration.

  2. Thank you so much. Hope life treats you well also this year xx

  3. Doing the same . All the best for 2017.


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