Tuesday, May 30, 2017

French Style Console table and one of those mornings.

Good morning! It's not that I'm having a bad morning - in a lot of ways it's a great morning although  my kids started fighting as soon as they woke up. Last night I stupidly agreed to them sharing a bed (I never let them do that on a school night) but Phil was out playing basketball and they pleaded with me so i caved in. So this morning Sasha's trying to get up and Jonty's half asleep and not moving and so of course they start arguing... So I decided to ignore it and make them babycinos and hot chocolate to hurry them up. I also stayed up late last night baking sourdough bread with the Mother I brought back from Lara's in Brisbane, so we had homemade toast and hot drinks for breakfast and the kids had stopped arguing and it was just lovely.

Then I realised I have cracked the screen on my phone literally the day after getting it fixed. OMG I am hopeless. It's $160 each time to get it fixed. I can't believe I dropped it and that it broke even through the glass protective screen. I think I'm going to buy one of those LifeProof phone covers.  Then Sasha called from the tram stop to say 'you know that lovely lunch you made me, well I've left it on the kitchen bench' so I'll drive it over to her at recess in an already too busy morning.  Anyway it's all good. No yelling from me at least :)

I have a pretty little console table up for sale. I love the shape of this one. So unusual, so pretty, even better in real life. I have painted it in the palest of greys with white on the details.

90w x 42d x 78h cm
Pickup Lilyfield 

I also finished (and sold) this lovely mirror last week. It's pale grey with a lime washed finish. I'm heading out later today to see a similar mirror so let me know if you are interested.

I best get cracking the paint cans open. I have a lot to finish today.
have a lovely day
Fiona xx


  1. Lovely piece. Some days just do not go the way you anticipate!

  2. It's that just kind of the way life goes sometimes! :) Hope the rest of your day got better.
    BTW the console table and mirror are beautiful.

  3. Hi Fiona,
    You sound like the loveliest mother!
    If this gorgeous little table had have been cream I would have bought it. Never mind,
    there is always a next time.
    I hope that your day is running more smoothly now.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Thanks for your lovely comments. Much appreciated xx

  4. You bake too?? Every time I come over to your blog I think I'll go home throw everything out and start again. You're styling is amazing. I can't believe that console is still for sale it's just divine.

    1. You are too kind Catherine. Thanks lovely.
      I also can’t believe the console is still for sale. But a lady is coming to see it today so fingers crossed xx

  5. I love the blog and your furniture, but the blue willow plates just put the cherry on the top!

  6. Hi Fiona
    Always loving your pieces!
    I'm actually interested in the mirrors. I'm looking for something for our hallway. I'm also hoping to find something like a long mirror (eg from old wardrobe) for a narrow space if anything comes up.


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