Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Just a pop of colour on this one

vintage oak cabinet Lilyfield Life

I was very excited to buy this beautiful little cabinet. It's an old converted radiogram. I've had a few of these before and I really love the designs on the doors. Originally fabric would have been glued to the back of the door and that's where the music came out. Luckily for me this one had already been gutted and turned into a cabinet. It's usually a tricky, messy job converting them. 

vintage oak cabinet Lilyfield Life

The oak on this is gorgeous and so I decided to just paint the interior and just refreshed up the timber on the exterior. I lightly hand sanded the timber and then used ASCP Clear wax to feed the dry timber and bring it to a shine.

vintage oak cabinet Lilyfield Life

There are a couple of deep scratches on the top of the cabinet and I decided that they would just have to stay and show the history of the piece. They were too deep to sand out and as I am leaving it timber I couldn't putty them. The interior I cleaned (it was very grubby) and primed with a tinted primer then painted in Dulux Duck Egg in a satin finish. 

vintage oak cabinet Lilyfield Life

A perfect little cupboard to use as a lamp table (it stands 90cm high) and it sold immediately to one of my lovely customers, Emma. 

I also wanted to share these beautiful oak single beds. A friend of mine bought these and she'll be using them as a queen bedhead, mounting them onto her wall. They are part of the matching bedroom set of the limed oak chest of drawers I did recently. Aren't they lovely?

vintage oak single bed Lilyfield Life

Fiona xx

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