Monday, May 29, 2017

Magnificent French drawers - ASCP Graphite

black french drawers painted in ASCP Graphite Lilyfieldlife

This piece makes me really happy. I saw it a few weeks ago for sale but I passed on buying it as it's huge and I had a full studio so I thought it would be too much on my plate. Then all week I kicked myself for not buying it. I went back and it was still available so I decided to just make it happen. I had to pay for someone to bring it to me as it's so huge but it was worth it. I listed it on my facebook page as available for custom painting. Lexie bought it and asked for it to be painted in ASCP Graphite. It's a piece I could have sold many times over so I am glad I went back and got it. 

black french drawers painted in ASCP Graphite Lilyfieldlife

I needed to do a lot of work on this piece. It was really dirty to I cleaned it thoroughly.  I then took all the hardware off  and lightly sanded out the majority of the scratched on the drawers. I then wiped it down with ESP. I painted it with ASCP Graphite and used two types of clear wax to seal it. I am really happy with the finish on this piece.

Magnificent isn't it.

black french drawers painted in ASCP Graphite Lilyfieldlife

I am always asked if I spray paint my furniture because of the smooth finish and lack of brushmarks. No, it's all hand painted with a paintbrush. I don't really have space for spray painting and love a hand painted look. My tips for achieving a smooth finish are over on the tutorial page.

Here is the before photo.

Today I will be finishing up some beautiful black bedside tables. So much black furniture. On trend :)

Fiona xx

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