Thursday, May 25, 2017

More Black Bedsides and a beauty

Good morning, I'm a bit late writing the blog today but I have cleaned the house, gone to the supermarket, sorted dinner out already - I know I'm feeling very pleased with myself ... and to top all that domesticity off, I also have sorted through a huge mound of paper work. All my tax stuff, that I've just been throwing on my desk is now sorted and filed. Who am I?
Time for a coffee and to write my blog before getting stuck into some painting. Today I am working on this beauties. An absolutely massive serpentine chest of drawers. I have never seen a piece like this and I spoke to a few of my antique dealer friends and they also haven't seen one either. Something really special. I have already cleaned, sanded, wiped down with ESP and done one coat of ASCP Graphite. This have already sold and I'm hoping to finish them tomorrow and get them delivered as they take up a lot of space.  You can see in the photo how dirty the drawers were.

french drawers before cleaning and painting

It seems that lately everybody wants black bedside tables. I have done so many recently and have some more that are about to be painted black and shipped to Melbourne. 

I painted these for Colette and they are being picked up this morning and shipped to Newcastle. The original finish was a yellow faux wood look and very dirty. I have to really work hard to get these looking this good.

The ones below were that dated red high gloss varnish - probably from the 1940s. Dineen furniture and solid cedar so they always come up well. These have also already sold.

A beautiful sheen and minimal brushstrokes.

The bedsides below are my next project and will also be painted black. These are being shipped to Melbourne.

Lots of black paint :)
have a good day
Fiona xx


  1. Everything looks lovely. I love the cross!

  2. Hi Fiona
    A beautiful sheen and minimal brushstrokes.
    Grateful for any tips on how to get this look also will you be doing any more videos , last one so helpful.
    Many thanks
    Best wishes


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