Saturday, July 15, 2017

One night in Verona

We had planned on staying longer in Verona but we decided to spend more time in the Dolomites so ended up in this beautiful city for one night only...but we sure know how to pack it all in. A "passiagiata" around the old town, delicious dinner, a saxaphone concert in a church with the Sydney Conservatory of Music starring Jonty's saxaphone teacher Sam, and then a mad dash to catch the end of the Opera at the Verona Arena.  We stayed at the beautiful Villa Frascatti which was a 16th century villa and now a youth hostel. Basic rooms but beautiful surroundings. 

Villa Frascatti youth hostel

Juliet's balcony and a lovely dinner: very hot evening. 

The saxaphone concert was at the Sant'Eufemia church and it was magical. All classical music which was really lovely seeing the sax played so differently to the jazz you normally associate it with. So good for Jonty to see his teacher play and to see where music can take you.

And then a mad dash across to the Arena to see some of Rigalto opera. Shame we didn't see all of it but when you only have one night what else can be done

Fiona Xx 


  1. Sounds fabulous Fiona and what a coo for Jonty seeing his teacher play. You sure know how to plan a holiday. Maybe you should add that to your resume. I am so enjoying all of your travels
    Take care


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