Thursday, July 13, 2017

Seafoam blue cupboard

I thought you might like to see a little cabinet I painted recently. I gave this piece a good clean and sand and ripped out the interior. Someone had made shelves out of quite ugly, thick timber and inserted it into the cabinet. Not only did it look terrible but it made the whole cabinet extremely heavy. 

I painted the interior an off white and the exterior a sea foam blue. Custom mix Annie Sloan chalk paint. 

seafoam blue cupboard by lilyfield life

seafoam blue cupboard by lilyfield life

seafoam blue cupboard by lilyfield life

Once I had sold it, I asked Emma who bought it where she wanted the shelf that I made and painted for her. She is using the cabinet to store folders so it worked well that I could custom fit the height for her. Bespoke furniture :)

This was a sweet little piece to work on and thankfully one of those rare pieces when I had no troubles at all. Few and far between - not that I can't fix pieces that throw me a curved ball as I've been working with furniture for so long now that I can sort out every problem I come across but it's nice to not have to wrestle with a piece. 

I'm looking forward to getting stuck back into painting soon. My passion.

Fiona xx


  1. The color is great! Nie little cabinet.

  2. Love seeing your beautiful work

    1. Thanks so much : looking forward to getting stuck back into it all

  3. Love this sea foam colour, I'm going to try and replicate
    Many thanks

  4. HI there! Amazing job with this piece!!! Do you mind sharing which Annie Sloan paints you mixed and how much of each to get this beautiful colour? Thank you so much!


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