Monday, July 17, 2017

Spello, Italy: Italy's most beautiful town

They say that Spello in Umbria is Italy's most beautiful town and I'd agree. We left Verona and headed south. We had heard about Spello after watching SBS's Italy Uncovered and knew we wanted to go. You can see why....

Spello is a beautiful little walled hill top town, about 10 minutes from Assisi. We were so glad we had chosen to stay here. We stayed in a lovely B&B just at the edge of the old town which had lovely rooms and a beautiful pool. I'll pop the link below if any of you ever get to this beautiful place. 

The town is filled with flowers in pots and there are some annual flower competitions : one for the most beautiful street and then a festival for pictures made from flowers. We didn't see that as I thinknit is in August when it's a bit cooler. 

We first night we were in Spello there was a disco in the main square: free for everyone and such a lovely summer vibe. They even played my favourite Italian song: L'ombelico Del Mondo by Jiovanotti. So good.  There were little stalls with all the regional food. The porchetta paninis were spicy and delicious.  

We also spent an afternoon in Assisi- such a religious town. Good for an afternoon visit but I preferred spelloto stay in.

We B&B we stayed in is called B&B Villamena and we found it via The pool is fantastic. What a beautiful place to relax after a day exploring. The kids were so happy playing in it also. 

Good to get off to major international tourist route and go to a quiet little town. bliss.  Hope you are happy to s
ee all my photos. I did cull them but there are just so many beautiful things to see. 



  1. So lovely that they decorate with flowers! Such wonderful pops of color!

  2. Beautiful....ever thought of being an ambassador for Italy.


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