Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Three days in Lake Garda: Sirmione and Malcesine

We decided to go to Lake Garda rather than the more renowned Lake Como. I am not really one for following the tourist trail and wanting to spend a lot of money and we had heard that lake Garda was full of natural beauty. That's definitely true. 

We stayed our first night in Sirmione at the southern flatter end of the lake. We stayed in a cheap apartment out of the old part of town and used the villa's bikes to cycle along the lake into the ancient town. It was such a balmy afternoon and just beautiful. 

We then headed to Malcesine which is about two thirds the way up the lake. We stayed at Hotel Cristello which was okay and expensive but had amazing views over the Lake. 

We spent a day up Monte Baldo taking the funivia to the top. It is amazing up there. A didffeeent world like you have stepped into an Austrian story book. The kids loved the cows with their tinkling musical bells and running through clouds that felt so fresh and moist on your face. 

We spent ages watching the hang gliders who would run and jump then soar across the lake to the little town of Limone on the other side. What a thrill that would be. 

I loved laying in the wildflower below. They smelt absolutely divine. I have never smelt anything better. So fresh. I was laughing to Sasha that I wanted to eat the cows who eat those flowers :)

We hiked down to the bottom which was a theee and a half hour hike at 45 degree angle. Mainly down a dry creek bed so not even a proper path. In boiling hot weather. What a killer. Our calves ached for days after. But looking back we loved it. Although Sasha still sad after coming across a dead sheep that had fallen off the mountain side and rolled down, pretty much skinning itself. A good lesson to not get too close to the edge at the top. 

If you ever want a beautiful lake holiday then I really recommend Lake Garda. I wouldn't stay at Rive Del Garda at the top end as it was super busy but Malcesine and Sirmoine were not too bad crowd-wise. We had two beautiful dinners in Malcesine. So pretty sitting by the Lake and eating good Italian food.

Hope you are enjoying the photos 
Love Fiona xx

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  1. Such lovely scenery! You have a beautiful family! Times spent together are such cherished memories as you go through life!


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