Monday, March 21, 2011

Watercolour paintings of London

In lieu of any furniture reveals, I thought I'd share some paintings I did while I lived in London back in 2001/02. Nothing spectacular (I'm definitely no artist) but they bring back some wonderful memories.

The Chapel at Lincoln's Inn Field

inside the Priory Church of Saint Bartholomew the Great, London  

garden next to Southwark Cathedral, London

window detail at Barristers Chambers, Lincoln's Inn, London

flowers details, Kew Gardens, London

and a very quick one from the sunken garden at Kensington Palace

Regardless of your skill level; drawing or painting while travelling is a wonderful way to really absorb the detail of your surroundings and to ensure vivid memories.  Do you paint or draw?

Fiona xx


  1. These are really pretty - I especially love the first one of the church and your shadow detailing!


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