Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Universe Provides

Sometimes everything just goes your way.

Monday, I was walking to the auction house at the end of my street and I walked past an old man's house about 100m down the road from my place. He and his nephew had a skip and were throwing out a huge amount of stuff. They gave me some cute vintage wicker chairs and a little cabinet. I then happened to mention the chairs to a woman at the furniture auction and she offered me $60 for them... how crazy is that?? I gave her them for $50 so I can buy the old guy a bottle of wine to say thanks for his stuff. A quick turn around.

I got some great deals at the furniture auction, a little chest of drawers that I absolutely love but I am unsure of whether to paint or leave alone. Any ideas? I want to sell it so which would be worth more? I'm thinking to just strip and revarnish??? But then that creative streak just gets in the way....

...and this great mirror that I'm selling.

I then went to Bunnings and found my favourite paint (Dulux Limed White) in the mis-tint pile for only $3 a tin ...and a tin of walnut stain (which is the reason I went there in the first place) for only $20. Original price was over $40 but it's been discontinued. I felt so lucky.

And then yesterday I just happened to mention to a friend that my heels were hurting and she immediately knew what was the problem as she'd been googling the same problem for her son the night before. I've recently started running again and had been stretching my glutes and hamstrings but not my calves. Stretched them out last night and this morning NO PAIN.  Phew.

I'm not sure which comes first good things or gratitude, but I think having an attitude of gratitude allows you to count your blessings and recognise when good things come your way.

If you read this post, I'd love for you to leave a comment on what I should do with the drawers above.



  1. heck I couldnt get past the fact you have an auction house at the end of your street ~ eeeek , how lucky is that?? Hmmm well I am not a big pusher to paint all things white but I actually think that little number would pop all in white due to all that lovely detailing on it which can become a bit lost when dark. Just my 10 cents worth :0)

  2. Oh yes definatley paint it white so you can appreciate the small details

  3. The chest has a chinoisserie element to it. I would paint the body of the chest high gloss black, the drawers vermillion then highlight the chinoisserie pattern with a rubbing of gold over the black. I would then line the drawers in a chinoisserie toile.
    Great find...lots of options...



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