Sunday, December 11, 2011

White Painted Fleur de Lis Cupboard

I truly love painting furniture. The power of paint to completely transform and rejuvenate never ceases to amaze me.

I bought a little pot cupboard at auction on Friday. Normally these sell for a good amount but this one was so ugly that I was the only one bidding for it. It was painted in a faux wood glaze and had been wrapped in sticky tape which then ripped of the glaze in places. A lot of people at furniture auctions are looking for stuff they can sell immediately with no work, so if you are willing to put some effort in you can usually pick up good deals.

Using my homemade chalk paint and my trusty Fleur de Lis hand -made stencil, I was able to produce this:

From this:

I painted the side insets, door edges and fleur de lis in a soft grey and the rest in white. I love how the chalk paint distresses.

As much as I like it, this piece is off to a new home. I have no room for more furniture in my house!

Hope you all have a good week
Yours in white paint
Fiona xx 


  1. What a great job woman! It's beautiful! You are a clever kid. Thanks for linking up too x

  2. Great paint job. I love the paint colors you chose. I'm sure some lucky person will snatch it right up!


  3. thanks everyone. I think a friend is buying this already. she's just measuring up a spot for it.

  4. looks fabulous! i love the two toned color combo.

  5. What a darling little cupboard! Visiting from FNF.


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